About Us

Our Mission

We are unapologetically northern. We care about the north east, its heritage, culture and people. We want to put them on screen, want to shine a light on them and empower northern voices to be heard. We believe that as a region we’ve got more to give than just drunken party nights out – we’ve got beautiful landscapes, rich histories and welcoming people and we love putting all of these at the heart of everything we do. We’ve also got an incredibly determined workforce and plenty of unsung talent not afraid to reinvent itself after setbacks. Championing the next generation of filmmakers is in our DNA which is why we pride ourselves in offering training opportunities to newcomers and assisting them on their journey into the industry. 

Meet Our Team

Rebecca Ulonska-Patrick (Founder)

As one of the founders at Schwartz Patrick Media, I’m deeply passionate about the transformative power of storytelling and encouraging more female filmmakers to progress in our wonderful industry.

Over the years, I have often worked as a camera operator for formatted content and live shows on British Television (including BBC) and abroad, sometimes even writing history by delivering the ‘first’ national live of a professional women’s football match (Durham Wildcats, 2017) or championship rugby (Newcastle Falcons, 2013). 

With a multi-disciplined background, my main role is in co-leading our company’s growth and figuring out how we can make a difference in the industry, not only for viewers but also for female and underrepresented crew. As the start of my career was all but plain sailing, I now love being able to actively shape a more diverse industry where stories are told authentically by filmmakers from diverse backgrounds. 

On the creative side, I thrive on being heavily involved in ‘ideation’ – that’s coming up with, researching and leading teams in creating new format ideas for our slate. I’m hugely passionate about arts and crafts which means that I particularly enjoy working on ideas that make viewers curious to learn more about and engage with art themselves. If you’ve got an idea and it sounds ‘artsy’, I’m in!

Benjamin R. Schwartz (Founder)

I am driven by the belief that storytelling has the power to inspire change and make a difference, particularly in the world of documentary/factual TV.

As an award-winning, bilingual (English/German) producer/director, I use my skillset to empower people from all walks of life to have their voices heard.

Over the past decade, I have honed my craft, successfully seeing projects through from conception to delivery for British and international clients. My expertise lies in formatted factual and obs doc topics, enabling me to craft content that engages audiences across various platforms.

Having collaborated with renowned broadcasters like BBC, MGM and Netflix, I take pride in my empathetic and highly organised approach, which allows presenters and contributors to shine on screen. 

In addition to my work in the industry, I am dedicated to nurturing the next generation of media professionals. I find great joy in parting knowledge on set and by teaching media production skills to aspiring talents, inspiring them to become great storytellers and content creators who will shape the landscape of our industry.

Reese Martyn Harris (Production Assistant)

Still in his first few years of working in the TV & Film industry, Reese already shows huge dedication and skill within his craft.
During his studies, he won the Fulwell 73 Student Film Competition and produced a short documentary for their Summer Mentorship Programme. Additionally, Reese produced and directed the short film “5:8” which landed him a RTS nomination for best student film. 
In his professional career, Reese has worked on dailies for ITV’s VERA, as well as joining us as a researcher for our upcoming travel documentary featuring the best hidden gems of the North East. 

Our Ethos


We dare you to be different.

Diversity is more than just a fashion statement or a tick box. Diversity is our human super power. It’s what makes us unique and special. It breathes perspective into our life & work. It teaches us to be humble and kind, to practice respect, empathy and understanding – even when we disagree. It enlightens our souls and enriches our work as a collective crew. Diversity comes in all shapes and colours. It may not always be visible but we guarantee you’re safe on our sets whether you disclose your uniqueness to us or not.  


Equality matters a great deal.

You are worthy the way you are. The same treatment. The same respect. The same encouragement. The same support. The same training. The same opportunities. The same pay. Because we are all equal. We are all human. Being the change we want to see in the world means leading by example and that’s why equality matters a great deal to us. We want to build a future where people feel valued and appreciated. By treating everyone fairly and equal we can contribute to building a better industry and society as a whole.


Spread your wings and fly.

Filmmaking techniques can be taught, no matter your starting point. We don’t believe in brute-force and sink or swim approaches. We believe in empowering people. Nurturing your skills is our goal. Building your confidence is our mission. Inspiring you to become lifelong learners is our drive. We want you to excel, to grow and to thrive. We will always be your biggest cheerleader – even if you outgrow our company. Your success is our delight – within and outside of our business. We want to see the next generation of filmmakers succeed.