About Us

At Schwartz Patrick Media, we are passionate about storytelling. As a factual and documentary TV production company, we specialise in empowering the voices of individuals from all walks of life, allowing them to share their unique stories in an honest, emotional and visually captivating manner.

Rooted in the North East, we embrace the region’s heritage, culture and its resilient people. Our work celebrates the beauty and the warmth of our communities, the richness of our histories and it showcases our region’s determination to reinvent itself.

To us, filmmaking is not just a craft – it’s a powerful tool for positive change. Ethical productions are at the core of our values, promoting peaceful co-existence and fostering diversity in all its forms.

What We Do


From ideation to concept and sizzle, we leverage our expertise to create engaging formats tailored to diverse audiences and broadcasters’ needs.


Whether it’s research, recces, obtaining permissions or crewing – our team brings expertise and dedication to every shoot to ensure a smooth production process.


Our visually captivating work elevates the storytelling experience by immersing audiences through beautiful compositions of sensor, lens, frame, light and movement.


With attention to detail and creative finesse, we craft seamless and compelling narratives that combine the elements of storytelling, pace and visual coherence.




Childrens TV


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Behind the Scenes

Do you have an idea or a story worth telling on screen?