TV & Film

Our career in the TV and Film industry began in 2012 and we’ve worked on a variety of productions across the globe since then.

What we love about it? That no two projects are ever the same! Besides you get to work with some pretty awesome people too.

Shooting PD

Balance Pictures (USA)

Shooting PD

Prospero Productions (Australia)

The Connected Set // Editor & UAV Pilot

BBC Teach Live Lessons

True Moon Pictures // BTS Camera

Stripped Down

MCC Media, Paramount+ // Editing

Cooking with the Gills

STV, Discovery+ // Camera & Assistant Producer

Yorkshire Auction House – Season 3

Chatterbox, BBCIII // Shooting PD

Charlotte in Sunderland

ITN, Channel 4 // Footage Licence (Shooting PD)

World’s Greatest Weddings

MGM, Channel 4 // Shooting PD (2nd Unit)

The duchess and her magical Kingdom

Brands & Corporate

Powerful audience-tailored content isn’t just for TV audiences – every brand has a story and we’re here to make its voice heard.

Our story began with digital campaigns and video marketing when it was still in its infancy but we always knew that utilising video to get your message across effectively was the most powerful tool in a digital age. Since then we have produced mass amounts of successful audience-tailored content for British and international brands including NUFC, XERO, SWIM ENGLAND, UEFA, FERNUNI HAGEN, FC SCHALKE 04 to name just a few.

Bladesman Productions // Camera


Schwartz Patrick Media // Full Campaign

BBS Wissen (Germany)

Northern Goose // Camera & Equipment Supply

Newcastle United

National Theatre // Camera

The Odyssey

Brandts2Life + Xero // Camera

A Lioness Returns

DB Media, Cummins // DoP

Supplier Training Tutorials

Motif, Foundation of Light // Shooting PD

Inclusive Sports Day

Motif, NE1 // Camera

Dragon Boat Races

Motif, UEFA // Edit

We Play Strong 2021

Skills Training & Education

With over a decade of experience in teaching practical media skills to people of all ages across the globe we have a track record in successfully breaking down barriers and reducing digital fears. 

We always ensure that learning happens at your speed and with the right support. Our calm and patient approach ensure you gain confidence and progress throughout the journey.

DB Media // Camera & Editing

Release Potential

University of Sunderland // Production & Camera

Shoot – Edit – Share

DB Media // Camera

West End Prep

DB Media, Sunderland College // Camera & Edit

Spiked Night

Schwartz Patrick Media // Instructor

Video Production for SMEs

Word Out Media // Instructor

Green Screen Lighting & Editing