No Rest For The Wicked

January Vibes or ‘No Rest For The Wicked’

Exciting times as we kicked off the year with our busiest January yet since our incorporation! The energy and excitement still linger in the air!

We started this month with a breezy and beautiful recce by the sea for our upcoming 1-hour travel documentary set against the breathtaking backdrop of the North East. Anticipation for this project is running high and with the first lot of funding in place, we’re super excited to move forward as the year develops.

As the start of the year usually tends to be the ‘quiet’ period for filmmakers (not for us this time!), we also managed to schedule in some meetings with potential crew for the NE travel doc project. And what can we say but we’re overjoyed to welcome aboard a seasoned online editor in David Scott! His expertise from recent ITV, Channel 5 and BBC productions adds that special extra to post production on our extraordinary journey.

As we are not fully crewed up yet and diversity is more than just a tick box for Schwartz Patrick Media, we would still love to hear from people currently underrepresented in our industry. This specifically includes female filmmakers and those from BAME backgrounds.

Moving on to the next topic, our services soared to new heights as we provided shooting kits to local businesses on a few occasions this month. We love igniting creativity in every frame captured and providing fully functional, well looked after kit at a reasonable cost is one way of contributing to the process.

Additionally, our founder Ben Schwartz hit the road again and spent two impactful weeks in the West Midlands with client DB Media. Delivering a series of practical TV production workshops, Ben played his part in showing beginners how to edit and craft stories based on the material provided. And did they have fun? You bet they did! Everyone was hugely engaged and fully immersed in the project. There’s nothing quite like seeing someone take on a challenge, learn a new skill and gain confidence as a result of it. Well done to all of our learners!

Back from the West Midlands, our next collaboration took us to the training grounds of Newcastle United where a very stormy media day breathed some fresh air into our lungs while capturing GVs. Shooting for no other than kit sponsor Sela under the wing of the super experienced Bladesman team, we lit the green screen and captured sexy slow-motion shots, adding a touch of cinematic magic to their content.

Finally, let’s mention there are two new formats in the making. A brand new #kidsTV show and a savvy & fun #homemakeover programme. It’s early days for these but as we’re pushing on with development, we can’t wait to share more info regarding the two in due time.

Until then, the journey of creation stays a continuous one and we invite you to keep your eyes peeled for what’s happening next.